Friday, September 16, 2005

Ich bin ein Berliner

And here is the news. . .

I well recall the controversy when The Gaurdian last changed its design – what was it, ten years ago?. After all the hoo-hah everyone quickly got used to it. So it will be with their latest design. The size, which I heard Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger refer to as a half-Berliner, feels and looks good to me. Truth be told it’s very rare for me to buy a newspaper during the week. Mostly I do my news-grazing online in between mouthfuls of cornflakes and Earl Grey in the mornings.


Blogger Nadim said...

So, what exactly is a half-Berliner? I'm a full Berliner, and the only thing I could imagine to comply with that term would be some Swabian who moved to Berlin a while ago. :) Is it someone who claims he's a Berliner but still talks with an unmistakable Swabian accent?

The new layout looks fine the way it is. What I'm missing is an objective (or perhaps subjective?) review from you. :) Words, please!

12:52 PM  
Blogger gerald said...


busy fingers as usual i see !?

bought into your Unthanks review much to my reward so thanks

a question though: the sonic quality ? knowing that these ears are having their problems i need to ask of you: are there issues with some of the vocals and horns at the high end no matter which system i listen to Becky & Rachel et al i get quite the distortion wadda yah think eh ?


humanity knows nothing at all. there is no intrinsic value in anything, and every action is a futile meaningless effort.
masanobu fukuoka; the one straw revolution; 1978; p 4

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